About Us

Natural Green Extracts 

Natural Green Extracts is engaged in manufacturing specialized in production of high-quality extracts from fruits and vegetables. We are supplier and solution provider for Nutraceuticals, food, pharmaceutical, personal care and cosmetically industries, and medicinal raw material as well. We maintain to give the best quality by strictly following the standards of Herbal processing so that our Ingredient are safe, effective and having a good shelf life. Furthermore Natural Green Extracts is developing international formulation i.e. the raw material we are using is originated from different parts of the world Mainly , India, United States Brazil, United kingdom , Canada, Germany, Hungary, South Africa etc. The results of our processing are good quality of herbal Medicines fulfilling international standards of Quality, Safety and Authentic efficacy.
Team and Management

Natural Green Extracts identifies itself as an organization that consistently delivers research based natural products to improve the quality of life and standards of living in respect to health. Our mission is to provide premium quality ingredients and maintain high levels of commitment and service to our customers.
We take pride in our products. We believe nature presented us with a multitude of phenomenal ingredients that are essential to health and well being. We are providing nature’s best to benefit healthy living to its fullest potential and continue to create exciting new products to enhance our customers’ product lines with innovative ingredient solutions.