Shilajeet Extract ( Asphaltum )

Shilajeet Extract ( Asphaltum )

Shilajeet is truly amazing material. Emerging from the sides of giant cliffs of the Himalayas as a black tar, Shilajit’s incredible properties are derived from the plants that create the resins that push through the rocks and the minerals that are absorbed as this material moves through. Shilajeet contains many minerals that are not found in any other organic sources while at the same time containing organic compounds and nutritional.

Latin Name: Asphaltum
English Name: Asphalt, Mineral Pitch
Common Name: Shilajeet

Benefit of Shilajeet Extract

Highly beneficial in conditions like respiratory disorders, cough, arthritis, joint pains, etc.
Reduces general weakness and enhances sexual performance.
Revitalizes body cells and muscles
Receive fulvic acid, which is key in nutrient absorption, as well as being a strong detoxifier.
Shilajit to mineralize your body faster. Fulvic Acid is fantastic, but the real “magic” of Shilajit is the organic and ionic dietary and trace minerals


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